It’s been years since I started volunteering for AIRC, giving my time and energy to help organize local events and distribute products that support AIRC projects in Italian city squares. I’m positive that, thanks to research, step by step, we’ll find more and more new, effective solutions to beat cancer.

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Thirty years ago, the tumor that was squashing my heart and lungs would have killed me. Ten years ago, when I fell ill, I had a 50% chance of surviving. I was terrified. If I got sick now, I could count on treatments that would be less debilitating and more effective. It was scientific research that saved me. Ever since then, there is a constant in my life: trust in science.



I’ve been supporting cancer research for many years and, recently, I contributed to the creation of a new grant. I also chose to make a bequest in favor of AIRC, because I trust the Foundation and I know that, when I am gone, it will still remain faithful to its identity and to its long-standing role as a serious and reliable organization.

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I’ve been volunteering for AIRC since 1990 and I’ve been working at its Basilicata Regional Committee since 2000. I’m so proud to be part of this reality, because I believe in its mission and the reliability it infuses into it means a lot to me. I get emotional every time AIRC reaches one of its goals, because, although indirectly, I feel that I did my part, and I struggle every day to do more to support the Foundation in such a massive challenge.