Research was crucial for me: thanks to a biological analysis of my tumor, my doctors were able to choose a chemo and radiotherapy-free treatment protocol, specifically designed for me.

Institutional activity»

SimonaAIRC member

I have been working in AIRC since 1986, human resources department. I am proud to be a part of this reality because of the passion and energy Airc infuses in inspiring and engaging youngsters and volunteers, the honesty and reliability it transmits to all its supporters, for the beacon of hope for the future it represents. I am so glad to have the opportunity to express my deep gratitude to AIRC and my confidence in our mission.



I’ve been a proud AIRC volunteer for over a lustrum! I first came to meet this beautiful reality thanks to a dearest friend of mine, Cristian, and now I regularly participate in AIRC events. I’m so happy to contribute my small (even tiny) brick in the building of the great wall of research, which we are sure will defeat cancer for good someday.