Against cancer, together

The team of interlocutors who work alongside AIRC and FIRC is an imposing force that renders the idea of how much our mission is felt and shared by the whole community.

The latter, is the only final beneficiary of the activities carried out by the Association and the Foundation. In fact, research is arguably the most democratic and fair tool to bring benefits to the whole society, without economic, social or religious distinctions.


We rely on internal and external stakeholders to carry out our mission. Each brings their own instruments and methods to contribute to the progress of research — researchers pursue an ethical and professional purpose, while supporters, volunteers, and partners support their work.

We can count on the help of the media, institutions, testimonials, and schools to spread our message: a virtuous circle that allows the whole community to benefit from the progress of research, and viceversa.



In 1966, one year after its establishment, the association had only 568 members. Over the following 54 years, their number grew extraordinarily and reached 4 and a half million. Among them are the people who have chosen to make a donation by mobile or landline phone, as well as those who chose our party favours to celebrate their most important moments, and those who left a legacy gift in their will, or made a large donation or a donation in memory. Becoming a supporter means establishing a seamless bond with the world of research.


Thanks to the opportunities provided for by the Budget Law, hundreds of thousands of people have decided to support cancer research since 2006, donating a 5 per thousand share of their yearly income taxes to AIRC and FIRC.


Companies play a key role in our fundraising activity. Over the years, AIRC’s growth has been relying on the support of courageous and enlightened entrepreneurs who strongly believe that investment in scientific research and national progress go hand in hand. Companies’s support enable us to reach their customers and employees with tailored awareness-raising activities informing about the new achievements of science and the importance of a healthy lifestyle in cancer prevention. Companies act as campaigns ambassadors and disseminate the results of AIRC research to the public. Today we can count on over 7,200 companies that renew their commitment to AIRC each year.


Resource management is based on professionalism, dynamism and collaboration. The skills and passion of those who work with us guarantee the success of our mission. For years we have been engaged in an internal transformation aimed at promoting and spreading logics and methods focused on professionalism and skills development. In 2019 we started offering a number of staff-training programmes, including a series of oncology seminars led by Scientific Director of AIRC Federico Caligaris Cappio and intended for all our employees.


AIRC is committed to disseminating its mission to the broadest possible audience, so that there will always be greater awareness and a growing donation culture. Therefore, our ambassadors and endorsers play an important role in our communication activities. AIRC can count on many celebrities from the world of culture, entertainment and sports who chose to support us by putting their popularity at the service of our cause, effectively becoming AIRC spokespersons to their respective audiences, promoting our media campaigns across their channels and taking part in local events. The list includes Antonella Clerici and Carlo Conti—who received the baton by Sandra Mondaini and Raimondo Vianello—Francesco Acerbi, Giulia Arena, Bruno Barbieri, Andrea Berton, Leonardo Bonucci, Camihawke, Moreno Cedroni, Maddalena Corvaglia, Carlo Cracco, Geppi Cucciari, Carlotta Ferlito, Rita Forte, Remo Girone, Loretta Goggi, Margherita Granbassi, Flavio Insinna, Claudio Marchisio, Justine Mattera, Ferzan Ozpetek, Benedetta Parodi, Cristina Parodi, Paolo Pizzo, Alessio Romagnoli, Carolyn Smith, and Tiberio Timperi.


Oncology research has always been a complex and specialized task: there are scientists who analyze the mechanics of cellular functioning, others who seek new drugs, and others who focus on innovative diagnosis and treatment techniques. All of them are essential to achieve the broad set of knowledge that will give us the key to healing the disease, one step after the other. By supporting about 5,000 researchers, AIRC and its Foundation are currently the main private funding hub for cancer research in Italy.


The media allow us to make our mission known to large sections of the population, disseminating verified scientific content and telling the stories of the protagonists of research, carefully selected by AIRC to build in-depth reports and informative services. Our communication activity on printed media involves all of the main national newspapers, their specials, and over 250 local newspapers. We are able to reach a wider and more diversified public thanks to a constant and widespread presence on both national and regional TV and radio channels as well as on the web.


Cancer research can count on thousands of people who lend their time and work for free with the utmost dedication, bringing the citizenship closer to the topics of cancer research. Being a volunteer means actively supporting research, contributing to the organization of street events, promoting local initiatives, or helping the Regional Committees in their daily activities. Without the help of volunteers and their operational coordination by our Regional Committees we would never have been able to build up that network of relationships that serves not only as our economic driving force, but above all as a model of awareness for the whole community. To support volunteers in their strategic role as AIRC representatives in their territory, in 2019 we increased the number of meetings with awarded researchers, thus bringing volunteers closer to the world of cancer research that they so actively support. We have also developed specific training modules to help street event coordinators manage all aspects of national events, from planning to volunteer-recruiting, to using the digital tools at their disposal.


AIRC and FIRC have long had an intense collaboration with schools, with the aim of bringing children closer to science and the world of cancer research, by means of targeted initiatives and communication strategies suitable for a young audience willing to participate actively. In 2019, the "AIRC nelle scuole" project continues, providing students and teachers with an interdisciplinary approach to cancer research.


A responsive institutional and cultural context is essential to amplifying the impact of scientific innovation on the collective well-being. The stabilization of the 5 per mille pre-tax donation system is a clear example of it. Moreover, this financial tool is part of a virtuous cycle that brings about 75% of AIRC and FIRC disbursements back into public research institutions. Our partnership with the institutions reaches its climax on occasions such as the “Giorni della Ricerca”. As every year, President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella received a selected representative of scientists and cancer researchers at the Presidential Palace.


We select our suppliers through a bidding process to ensure that they offer the highest quality standards at a proper price. We established a set of purchase procedures all AIRC departments are required to comply with. A dedicated office is responsible for ensuring that all the requirements are met, while twice a year we undergo external audits.