Our fundraising campaigns: in the streets and much more

By investing effectively every single Euro, we put our commitment into practice and we ensure competitiveness and innovation in oncological research taking place in Italy.

The diffused nature of the actions undertaken, along with the involvement of all sections of the community, ensures a constant fundraising inflow, which is vital to our mission.


Without people, AIRC would not exist. It’s our supporters that allow us every day to carry out our mission to make cancer ever more treatable.

This is why we want to be close to people who believe in research. All fundraising and awareness initiatives tell what links our work to the commitment of those who believe in us.

THE ORANGES OF HEALTH GROSS FUNDRAISING 2.9 MILLION euro 1990 First edition 2,475 Locations 877 Schools 242,707 Bags of Oranges 15,000 Volunteers
AZALEA OF RESEARCH GROSS FUNDRAISING 8.8 MILLION euro 1985 First edition 3,782 Locations 16 Schools 574,351 Azalea plants 20,000 Volunteers
CHOCOLATES OF RESEARCH GROSS FUNDRAISING 1.9 MILLION euro 2012 First edition 1,274 Locations 1,728 Banco BPMdistribution points 197,000 Shoppers of chocolates 2,500 Volunteers


The Regional

The Regional Committees are the true soul of the AIRC. Their main goal is to publicise the image of AIRC across the territory, supporting national initiatives and promoting the subscription of new members. The Committees also serve as the main link with AIRC volunteers.


Socially responsible companies combining their business strategies with an ethical vision are more and more numerous and participate in the scientific, social and cultural progress of the entire community.

In 2019, entrepreneurs, businesses and companies, regardless of size, joined or renewed their commitment to our mission and contributed to funding cancer research by participating in one of the following 4 collaboration models:

A proper collaboration path that builds on shared values and translates them into effective communication and marketing campaigns in order to reach a common goal. Our team takes your company through all the phases of the programme.

This programme brings together Italian companies and AIRC researchers in the shared challenge of accelerating the progress of cancer research. As in previous years, the companies involved were able to support young talents by financing training grants.

Instead of giving Christmas gifts to clients and customers, we invite companies and entrepreneurs to donate to AIRC. The funds raised are earmarked for childhood cancer research.

AIRC commitment to companies takes several forms, from structured corporate welfare programmes to team building activities and sports competitions, to health awareness projects focused on prevention. Employee well-being is always the primary focus of our partners.