Fundraising efficiency

This indicator expresses the relative cost of fundraising. In 2016, for each euro received, 12 cents were used for fundraising activities and 1 cent was paid in non-recoverable VAT.

Fundraising efficiency, 2016

Fundraising efficiency, 2015

Operational efficiency

These charts break down income and expenditures in 2016 and 2015. The histograms that follow offer a more detailed breakdown of costs.

Total income, 2016

Total income, 2015

Total expenditures, 2016

Total expenditures, 2015

Institutional activities

Fundraising costs

General overheads

Other costs

Speed of funding in 2016

The following chart shows the time it takes between the decision to allocate funds (totaling €102 million) and their disbursement.

Funds raised and spent for institutional activities

These graphs show the funds raised and spent for research and for outreach activities with members, from 2011 to 2015.

Total income, 2012-2016


Funds allocated for research and outreach activities, 2012-2016