Governance model

governance model


This is the body in charge of all administrative matters except those reserved to the general meeting of members. It appoints the president, the scientific director, the secretary of the board, the chief executive officer, the members of the review committees and the members of the advisory board. It ratifies funding decisions for research grants and fellowships, and sets up regional committees. It also appoints five of the nine members of the governing council of FIRC, along with two regular auditors and one alternate auditor.


The other four members of FIRC’s governing council are designated by the Universit√† degli Studi di Milano (Milan State University), by the mayor of Milan and by the president of the region of Lombardy; one auditor is appointed by the order of professional chartered accountants.Performance Indicator: synergy with the Italian government and institutions The council approves the financial statements, appoints the president, and ratifies funding decisions. It also appoints the president, vice president, scientific director, deputy director, regular auditor and alternate auditor of IFOM.


The general meeting is called by the board of directors and each member may attend and vote. The ordinary general meeting approves the financial statements, elects the board of directors and board of auditors, selects the external auditing firm, and decides on matters that are under its sole authority or submitted to it by the board of directors. The extraordinary general meeting decides on amendments to the articles of incorporation and by-laws and on motions to dissolve the association.


The finance committee, consisting of a chairman and two representatives from the board of directors, guides and periodically evaluates investment decisions in order to preserve the value of the funds that transit through AIRC and the assets invested by FIRC.


The office of the scientific director manages the evaluation of grant and fellowship applications, and oversees scientific strategic plans, reporting to the president of AIRC. Administration, marketing and communication are handled by operating units at the national level, which promote fundraising campaigns and encourage bequests.
The committee and events department coordinates the activities of all local fundraising committees. FIRC personnel manage bequests and donations; these are used to support the intramural research program at IFOM and to fund fellowships for junior researchers.


The scientific review committees help evaluate grant and fellowship applications; the advisory board provides guidance and recommendations on strategic plans, funding schemes and research priorities. IFOM has its own international advisory board, which periodically reviews the research activities of group leaders and helps select new ones.