Organization and planning

AIRC and FIRC make up an efficient and professional system serving cancer research and the future of cancer patients.

Through this well-oiled machine, in 2016 alone more than €101 million went straight to the Italian oncology research community. This would not have been possible without the disciplined, passionate efforts of the people who work for AIRC and FIRC.

On the previous pages we explained how the money travels: from fundraising activities to community outreach, to the disbursement of funds based on merit. Throughout this process, funds are managed according to the principles described below.

Good management for better efficiency

For AIRC and FIRC, being efficient means spending the right amount to obtain the best possible result. Keeping a tight rein on funds and a constant eye on the goods and services available in the market are not only important for obtaining top quality, but for improving what our suppliers have to offer.

Our efficiency and organizational capacity are measured using the indicators specified here. By publishing these indicators (used in common with some of the largest non-profits in Italy) in our CSR Report, we can help spread this useful practice, which provides an immediate snapshot of how we raised and spent money during the year. The numbers confirm our highly virtuous management of funds.

Planning and management of structural spending

Financial and operational planning are how we set targets and decide what action is needed to meet them. Every target is conceived as a measurable result that we plan to achieve within a given amount of time.

This kind of planning requires budgets, approved by AIRC’s board of directors and FIRC’s governing council every November, which are binding for the respective operating units.

The auditing and reporting procedures are comparable to those of large corporations.
The procedures for purchasing goods and services and recruiting human resources are handled internally and monitored by an external certification agency, in the interests of our advisors, members and supporters.

Long-term vision

In 2016 all of AIRC’s divisions joined forces to produce a long-term plan of action. The plan describes our vision for AIRC’s development in the coming years, consistently with current activities and with changes in the cultural, scientific, economic, technological and social landscape in which we operate.