Investing every euro effectively is how we follow through on our promise to keep Italian cancer research on the cutting edge. Through our widespread fundraising efforts that engage all parts of the community, we ensure a steady flow of funds without having to rely on particular donors.

In 2016 we exceeded our target by raising €138.3 million in funds, including the 0.5 percent donated through tax returns.

AIRC believes in the strength of direct mailing to involve existing members and attract new ones: in 2016 we received 693,178 membership fees via post office payment slips that we had sent out by mail.
Donations are also welcome over a growing number of digital channels. By using the most advanced technologies to communicate similar content, we encourage everyone to donate in the way they find most convenient.

“In Viaggio con la Ricerca” is a recurring donation program that allows young researchers to work abroad for a period of time and then return to work in Italy, in a spirit of professional growth.

Once again last Christmas, AIRC urged businesses to send its greeting cards to customers and consultants, instead of or in addition to a traditional holiday gift. AIRC’s efforts to encourage businesses and foundations to support research by way of partnerships, special initiatives and donations brought in €3.2 million in gross funding, under various headings in the financial statements.

Since 1998, under the patronage of the Italian government, our “Giorni della Ricerca” (Research Days) inform the public of progress in cancer research, promote our image, and raise funds through RAI TV and the efforts of our local partners. The Research Days in 2016 brought in €5.5 million via the RAI telethon, the sale of chocolates, and the efforts of UBI Banca, Esselunga supermarkets, and professional soccer with “Un Gol per la Ricerca” (“A goal for research”).

arance della ricerca

Our annual orange and azalea sales (“Le Arance della Salute” and “L’Azalea della Ricerca”) focus on prevention, healthy diet and lifestyle, and research on tumors affecting women. These are important opportunities to rase funds and awareness and to mobilize volunteers around the country, who devote their time and energy to making these events a success.

In 2012 we added “I Cioccolatini della Ricerca” in November, where passersby can donate 10 euros through our volunteers, and receive a bag of chocolates along with the satisfaction of supporting cancer research.

The bequest campaign, which encourages private individuals to include FIRC in their wills, took place in Umbria this year with the participation of notable figures from entertainment, gourmet cuisine and journalism. FIRC accepted 145 bequests and received €14.8 million through this channel over the course of the year.

In 2016 a total of 21,657 calls were made to our toll-free number 800-350-350, a secure and immediate channel for making donations and obtaining information directly from AIRC and FIRC. Callers made 2,550 donations by credit card and set up 2,156 standing orders.

The contributions received through tax returns (“5 per mille”) are spread out over time to all deserving projects, with a portion reserved to two long-term programs.