Outreach and communication

Knowledge is crucial for the fight against cancer.

Over the years, our outreach activities have grown in step with the advances in cancer research: from scientific dissemination to cancer prevention initiatives to the promotion of fundraising campaigns.

Of our many channels of communication, the journal Fondamentale is the official mouthpiece of AIRC and FIRC as we pursue our mission of making cancer ever more curable. It is also one of the most authoritative Italian publication in the field of oncology for the general public.


In 2010 we launched ABC, an alternative to Fondamentale, to communicate more quickly and effectively with the people who support us at local events.

A special pocket-sized edition of Fondamentale is distributed during our national fundraising campaigns.

For many years, the AIRC and FIRC websites have been a reliable source of information on cancer.

Meanwhile, our constant presence in the traditional media at the national and regional level ensures that scientific discoveries and fundraising activities reach a wide audience.

Over the years, we have worked hard to build an outreach program for schoolchildren: we believe that schools are the best place to build awareness of the importance of cancer research. Students learn that it’s only through a common effort that a cure for cancer will one day be found.

In 2016, we expanded our project “AIRC in the schools” through the platform scuola.airc.it, adding new features and programs targeting kids of all ages: teaching materials, in-school talks by researchers, and even “L’Isola dei fumosi” (“Smokers’ Island”), an educational video game where teachers and students learn to say no to cigarettes, get advice on cancer prevention, and discover the latest advancements in cancer research.

In 2016 AIRC launched the campaign “Una costellazione luminosa. Le parole di AIRC per stare bene” (“A bright constellation: AIRC’s words to live by”), in collaboration with Librí Progetti Educativi and Giunti Scuola with support from UBI Banca. This is an educational program for primary schools that teaches children good habits, from diet to exercise, so they can make healthy, cancer-preventing choices as they grow up and become adults.

During the year we also launched AIRCampus, to connect with Italian university students. Hosted initially by the University of Padua, the program aims to familiarize students with AIRC’s mission and values, raise awareness of the issues surrounding cancer, and encourage young men and women to volunteer.