Regional committees

The regional committees, with their volunteers, are AIRC’s heart and soul: they support initiatives planned at the national level, bring in local volunteers, maintain contacts with members and organize fundraising projects.

There are currently 17 regional committees in Italy. Each has a president, a regional council, and local delegations; these are involved in our national fundraising activities “Le Arance della Salute,” “L’Azalea della Ricerca” and “I Cioccolatini della Ricerca” (sale of oranges, azaleas and chocolates) and help organize community-specific fundraising events (cultural, athletic, recreational and educational) throughout the year.

To make sure these efforts are well organized, the administrative staff is in close contact with national headquarters and is coordinated by the committee and events department.

In 2016, the combined proceeds of the 286 local events organized by the 17 regional committees and the donations they received in various forms came to €4.1 million, for a total of €17.4 million with the national fundraising campaigns.Performance Indicator: capacity to influence society and the local community